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Recommend Journal of Olympic History

Journal of Olympic History

The Journal of Olympic History, previously known as Citius, Altius, Fortius, stands as flagship publication of the “International Society of Olympic Historians – ISOH”. It made its auspicious debut in the summer of 1992, captivating readers with its engrossing exploration of the Olympic movement's past. At present, the Editor-in-Chief of this prestigious journal is Philip Barker from the United Kingdom. With his expertise and leadership, the Journal of Olympic History continues to thrive as a leading source of scholarly research and source of information in the field of Olympic History. Devoted to providing valuable insights and shedding light on the rich heritage and history of the Olympics, the Journal of Olympic History graces readers’ shelves three times a year. Each edition presents a carefully curated selection of articles, delving into the captivating stories and profound impact of the Olympic Games throughout history. As the pages turn, readers embark on a journey through time, uncovering the remarkable triumphs, challenges, and enduring legacies that define the Olympic movement. By sharing this knowledge, ISOH fulfills its mission to foster a greater understanding and appreciation of the Olympics, connecting past, present, and future generations of enthusiasts.

Current Issue

Issue 1 / 2024